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Rochester and Rutherford Hall hosts functions for ex residents on various occasions.  In 2014, we celebrated the 30 year anniversary of the incorporation and formation of Rochester and Rutherford Hall.  If you would like to connect with R&R Alumni or run an alumni event at R&R please contact our Principal.

Graduates 2020

Here is a list of R&R residents who graduated in 2020:

Te Rangai Toi Tangata/College of Arts

Bachelors of Arts

Kate Byrne

Bianca Ruegg

Rebecca Schofield-Tutor 2018

Mitchy Smith

Rosie Steuart-Muirhead

Bachelors of Fine Arts

Tessa McPhee


Te Rangai Pukaha/College of Engineering and Forestry

Masters of Engineering in Management

 William Johnstone

Paul Lee

Hamish Riley

Bachelors of Engineering with First Class Honours

Greg Alheit

Bailey Brandham

Jeremy Burns

Rebecka Cox

Chrysteon Dias

Todd Dibley

Jessica Egan

Michael Ellerington

Isaac Fowler

Andrew French

Alistair Gordon

Hannah Gumbley

Courtney Hoskin

Phoebe King

Nicholas Krause

Patrick Ma

Liam Membery

Jo Milne

Shaun Palmer

Harry Petterson

Simon Reid

Hamish Robertson

Adam Rundle

Rick Sanders

Rachel Schultz

Claudia Sim

Jack Steel

Donne Wallace-Hunter

Lewis Wood

Daniel Wright

Bachelors of Engineering with Second Class Honours(Division One)

Jessica Aldridge

Ella Austin

Sam Bassett

Evelyn Baxter

Emma Bayfield

Connor Benton

Olivia Bloomfield

Jonathan Brewis

Lauren Brown

Isaac Bus

Claudia Button

Ben Eagle

Shirley-Rose Field

Sam Field

Kane Findlay

Oscar Gittings

Alastair Gloyn

Hamish Hendry

Callum Hoare

Tom Logie

Gareth Lynch

Emma Mabin

Gabrielle Macgregor

Nelson McCallum

Ben Mules

Jess Nicholson

Jed O’Brien

Lily Quin

Fletcher Swan

Jake Tennent

Ryan Thom

Sam Tullett

Lucy Washer

Cameron Watson

Jess Wood

Bachelors of Engineering with Second Class Honours(Division Two)

Greg Bates

Charles Christey

Monique Frost

Ielish Goble

William Heffernan

Ben Hume

Connor Lindsay

Talyah Mayron

Zach Medich

Matthew Pedofsky

Bachelors of Engineering with Third Class Honours

Ben Anderson

Robin Charlett-Green

Olivia Lester

Aidan Simmons

Diplomas in Global Humanitarian Engineering

 Jess Aldridge

Ella Austin

Claudia Button

Alistair Gordon

Jess Nicholson

Bachelors of Forestry Science with First Class Honours

Georgia Craig

Bachelors of Forestry Science with Second Class Honours(Division One)

Shaun Coles


Te Rangai Putaio/College of Science

Masters of Science with Distinction

 Sheldon Coup

Professionals Master of Engineering Geology with Distinction

 Anna Stimpson

Masters of Disaster Risk and Resilience

 Isaac Zarifeh

Masters of Applied Data Science with Distinction

Lauren Skinner

Bachelors of Science with First Class Honours

 Ford Wagner

 Bachelors of Science

 Cameron Auld

Aine Blackman

Louise Brett

Laura Bruce

Sheldon Coup

Rhys Dooney

Thomas Fleming

Max Griffiths

Samsara Guillemot-Mene

Charlotte Jones

Laird Kruger

Raymond Liu

Bayley Murcott

Kahumoerangi Te Kani

Kate Whiting

Caitlin Wood

Bachelors of Speech and Language Pathology with First Class Honours

 Caitlin McElligott

Savannah Pocock


Bachelors of Laws with First Class Honours

Mitchy Smith

Bachelors of Laws

Kendal Cosgrove

Lauren Dennehy

Elise Hicks

Rebecca Schofield-Tutor 2018

Bachelors of Criminal Justice

Lauren Dennehy

Olivia Dennis

Tori McNoe-Tutor-2019


Faculty of Commerce

Bachelors of Commerce

Josephine Flowers

Olivia Waldron


Te Rangai Ako me te Hauora/College of Education, Health and Human Development

Masters of Teaching and Learning with Distinction

Harriet Burke

Bachelors of Sport Coaching

Harry Unsworth