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Scholarships from Rochester & Rutherford Hall

Academic Entrance Scholarship(s) – awarded based on NCEA results ($1500 each)

Leadership-Academic/Cultural-Academic/Community-Academic/Sport – awarded in third term ($1500 each)

Rutherford Trust Board Community Award ($1500)

Rochester Trust Board Community Award ($1500)

Rochester and Rutherford Academic Distinction and Merit Awards – Semester 1 UC Results

Rochester Trust Board Performing Arts Scholarship ($500 in total)

Rutherford Trust Board Art and Photography Competition ($500 in total)

University of Canterbury Scholarship winners for 2018.

UC Emerging Leaders Scholarships:  Rory Abbiss, Connor Ballantyne, Patrick Bell, Matthew Bertschinger, Fergus Burke, Mikayla Choat, Meg Dutton, Joel Epps, Matthew Fraser, Tayla Higgs-Macbeth, Ella Knobloch, Will Little, Sophie McConnell, Catherine Nettlingham, Brigitte Petrie, Austen Rangi-Tawa, Jack Redpath, Mitchell Robinson, Adam Sew Hoy, Harry Staples, Charlotte Turner, Caleb Vuli.

UC Dux Scholarship:  Oliver Gwatkin, Matthew Hornsby, Sophie McConnell, Bethany O’Connor, Rebecca Mogey, Finlay McRae, Megan Poehler

UC College of Engineering High Achiever Award:  Douglas Benton, Hamish Dodd, Grace Feltham, James Fitzgerald, Matthew Hornsby, Ella Guy, Niall Malone, Sophie McConnell, Bridget Petrie, Olivia Robertson, Stuart van Turnout, Ariel Waldron

UC College of Engineering Top Scholars Award:  Catherine Nettlingham.

UC College of Engineering Pacifica Scholarships: Caleb Vuli

UC College of Engineering Maori Scholarship: William Herewini

UC Product Design Scholarship: Gemma Burnside, Charlie Moffett

UC College of Business and Law Awards for Excellence: Lucy Adams, Will Little, Paul McCliskie.

Leigh and Judith Pownall – Geography: Mikayla Choat.

UC Electric Power Engineering Centre: Daniel Toomey, Matthew Hornsby, Connor McCarthy.


UC Bright Start Scholarship: Bridget Sim.


Rochester and Rutherford Entrance Scholarship:  Finlay McRae

UC Dux Scholarship, NCEA Scholarship: Physics, History & Calculus (Outstanding Scholarships), Chemistry & English(Scholarships)

Premier Scholar and Top Subject Scholar in Physics


For photographs of our resident scholarship winners – see our facebook page.


Semester One Distinction Awards (GPA = 9.0): Jack Hassell (College of Arts), Joel Epps (College of Engineering), Oliver Gwatkin (College of Science).

Semester One Merit Awards (GPA = 8.0 to 8.9): Ryan Adams, Matthew Bertschinger, Logan Boyd, Jack Craig, Jessica Eagle, James Fitz-Gerald, Emma Gardiner, Claire Gordon, Celine Goulding, Tayla Higss-Macbeth, Annah Knowles, William Little, Samuel Loan, Joseph Lynch, Greer Manderson, Finlay McRae, Liam Pledger, Megan Poehler, Rebecca Richards, Laura Stewart, Luke Whitehead.

Faculty Scholarships

College of Arts: Jack Hassell

College of Business and Law:  Tayla Higgs-Macbeth, William Little

College of Engineering: Joel Epps, Ryan Adams, Matthew Bertschinger, Jack Craig, James Fitz-Gerald, Emma Gardiner, Samuel Loan, Joseph Lynch, Finlay McRae, Liam Pledger

College of Law:  Celine Goulding, Annah Knowles

College of Science:  Oliver Gwatkin, Logan Boyd, Jessica Eagle, Claire Gordon, Greer Manderson, Megan Poehler, Rebecca Rickards, Laura Stewart, Luke Whitehead

College of Education: Jacob Mulholland

NZ Cultural/Sporting Scholarships:


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Rutherford Art & Photography Awards –

Art – Emily Molloy 1st – ‘The Ilam Bubble’, Hamish Dodd 2nd – ‘Native Birds’, Finlay McRae 3rd – ‘An Ear to Lay your Worries on’

Photography – Joseph Lynch 1st – ‘More 4’, Rebecca Rickards 2nd – ‘Bird Watching’, Alex McNicholl 3rd – ‘Surfer’

Rochester & Rutherford Scholarships –

R&R Mission Scholarships – Celine Goulding (Peru, Sacremento Santisimo), Sophie McConnell (Thailand, Prince of Songkla University)

R&R Academic and Sporting Scholarship Recipients: Matthew Bertschinger-NZ Men’s Floor Ball Team, Ryan Carter-NZ U 19 Under Water Hockey Team, Josie Dixon-NZ Women’s Handball Team, Ben Hartland-NZ Young Cricketer of the Year-NZ U 19 Cricket Squad, Joseph Lynch-NZ Junior World Orienteering Team, Calum Sutherland-Adventure Racing-Coast to Coast, Annabelle Wilson-NZ U 21 Women’s Hockey Squad, Emily Wium-NZ U 21 Women’s Hockey Squad

R&R Academic and Cultural Scholarship Recipient: Drew Wood-National Youth Brass Band

R&R Hall Community/ Leadership Scholarship Recipients: Rory Abbiss, Jack Hassell, Lucy Adams and Tayla Macbeth

R&R Leadership Scholarship Recipients: Greer Manderson and Laura Zonnevylle

R&R Cultural/Leadership Scholarship Recipients: Castaway (Amy Kibblewhite, Joe Martin, Jack Hassell, Austen Rangi, Jackson Stewart and Rhys Blaas)

Rutherford Trust Board Community/Leadership Scholarship Recipients: Issy Whitticase, Alex McNicoll, Michaela Choat, Caitlin Boyle and Ana Pye

Rochester Trust Board Community/Leadership Scholarship Recipients: Jack Boon, Patrick Bell and Joel Epps

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