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Scholarships from Rochester & Rutherford Hall

Academic Entrance Scholarship(s) – awarded based on NCEA results ($1500 each)

Leadership-Academic/Cultural-Academic/Community-Academic/Sport – awarded in third term ($1500 each)

Rutherford Trust Board Community Award ($1500)

Rochester Trust Board Community Award ($1500)

Rochester and Rutherford Academic Distinction and Merit Awards – Semester 1 UC Results

Rochester Trust Board Performing Arts Scholarship ($500 in total)

Rutherford Trust Board Art and Photography Competition ($500 in total)

University of Canterbury Scholarship winners for 2020.

UC Emerging Leaders Scholarships: Rachel Albiston, Tessa Allan, Bella Ambrosius, Kate Atkinson, Rosie Bedford, Sol Cerson, Sophie Chisholm, Will Durkin, Violet Eaton, Ioane Fiso, Molly Frame, Poppy Fulton, Nathan Gapes, Will Georgeson, Max Goulter, Patrick Hayes, Nick Lidstone, Alejo Linares, Hayley Mackey, Matthew McHugh, Maria Mendoza, Andrew Moore, Joe Morrison, Frankie Morrow, Blair Murray, Hannah Norton, Kayla Nuzum, James Power, Sophie Redmayne, Quinn Robins, Lily Sanson, Brad Selwood, Jess Sewell, Niamh Stratton, Ben Sullivan, Maggie Tarry, Jaxon Taylor, Josh Tisch, Jessica Tuhou, Ryan Watkins, Stella Webby, Madeline Wilson.

UC College of Engineering High Achiever Award: Jack Barton, Elise Catley, Will Georgeson, Sarah McKenzie, Madeline Wilson, Maria Mendoza.

UC College of Engineering Top Scholars Award:Alice Cerdeira.

UC College of Business and Law Award for Excellence: Holly Brittain and Stella Webby.

UC Product Design Scholarship: Sophie Engel and Poppy Fulton.

Elman & Alfred Poole Southland BHS and Southland GHS College of Engineering Scholarship: Jaxon Taylor

John Waller Scholarship: Lucy Coulston

Helen Macmillan Brown Bursaries: Rana Cawley

Fitzroy Engineering UC Engineering Scholarship: Finn Stokes

UC Electric Power Engineering Centre Scholarship: Jack Barton

UC School of Forestry High Achievers Award: Lucy Boucher and Ellie Fleury

UC Alumni Scholarship: Georgie Leslie and Rhys Mariu

UC International First Year Scholarship: Miyake Shun

UC College of Education, Health and Human Development: Lina Pale and Jessika Tuhou

Leigh and Judith Pownall Scholarship: Georgia Gwatkin and Bec Simpson

UC College of Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics STAR Scholarship: Gareth Harcombe

Rochester and Rutherford Entrance Scholarships:

Luke Peters– NCEA Outstading Scholarships: Statistics and Biology, NCEA Scholarships: Physics and Calculus, New Zealand Outstanding Scholar

Henry Madeno – NCEA Scholarships: Physics, Chemistry, Statistics and Accounting.

Gareth Harcombe – NCEA Scholarships: English (2018/2019), Physics, Biology and Calculus.

Connor Gallagher – NCEA Outstanding Scholarship: Chemistry, NCEA Scholarships: Biology, Calculus, Statistics and Physics.  Cambridge Results: Chemistry A+, Mathematics A+, Physics A+

Rana Cawley – NCEA Scholarship: English (S/O), Biology, Cambridge Results: Psychology A, Biology A+, English A and History A.

Poppy Fulton – Cambridge Results: Mathematics A, Physics B, Business Studies A+ (Top Mark in New Zealand).

Sam Couper – NCEA Scholarships: Statistics, Chemistry and Biology.

For photographs of our resident scholarship winners – see our facebook page.

2020 Semester One Distinction Awards (GPA = 9.0): Will Georgeson, Will Goodwin, Gareth Harcombe, Madeline Keown

2020 Semester One Merit Awards (GPA = 8.0 to 8.9): Sidney Barron, Holly Brittain, Chelsea Bruhn, Elise Catley, Samuel Crisp, Oscar Cunningham, Will Durkin ,Josh Ellingham, Fi Engel, Charlie Fulton, Poppy Fulton, Connor Gallagher, Georgia Gwatkin, Ben Helliwell, Jemma Henneveld, Scott Hitchcock, Gemma Langley, Bailey Lissington, Henry Mandeno, Kate McIlroy, Sarah McKenzie, Andrew Moore, Zachary Morrow, Luke Peters, Ben Piesocki, Gabrielle Rosemergy, Rebecca Simpson, Jenna Sparg, William Wallis

2020 Faculty Scholarships

College of Arts:William Wallis BA

College of Business and Law: Poppy Fulton-BProdDes/BCom, Kate McIlroy-BCom

College of Engineering: William Georgeson-BE, Josh Ellingham-BE, Connor Gallagher-BE, Ben Helliwel-BE

College of Law:Holly Brittain-LLB/BA

College of Science:Will Goodwin-BSc, Gareth Harcombe-BSc, Gemma Langley-BSc

College of Education, Health and Human Development: Madeline Keown-BSpC

NZ Cultural/Sporting Scholarships:

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Rutherford Art & Photography Awards –


1st – Sidney Barron

2nd – Fi Engel

3rd=  Ben Kelsey & Andie Judge

People’s Choice –

1st – Ella Waterreus

2nd – Ben Kelsey

3rd – Sidney Barron


1st – Kate Atkinson

2nd – Finn Stokes

3rd= Stella Webby & Kate Atkinson

People’s Choice

1st – Kate Atkinson

2nd – Stella Webby

3rd= Georgia Bricknall & Hayley Mackey

Rochester & Rutherford Scholarships –

R&R Mission Scholarships –

R&R Academic and Sporting Scholarship Recipients:

R&R Academic and Cultural Scholarship Recipient:

R&R Hall Community/ Leadership Scholarship Recipients:

R&R Leadership Scholarship Recipients:

R&R Cultural/Leadership Scholarship Recipients:

Rutherford Trust Board Community/Leadership Scholarship Recipients:

Rochester Trust Board Community/Leadership Scholarship Recipients:

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