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The Hall has a resident Principal, a Deputy Principal, an Office Manager and a Property Manager, seven house keeping staff, six Residential Tutors, and two part-time Chaplains. The catering is contracted to T.L. Catering.  T.L. Catering works closely with R&R management to consistently cater for the needs of our residents.

Principal: Jo Morrow –               principal@rochester-rutherford.org.nz
Deputy Principal: Warren Frost –    deputy-principal@rochester-rutherford.org.nz
Office Manager: Josephine Jones – office-manager@rochester-rutherford.org.nz
Property Manager: Mike Purdie –  property-manager@rochester-rutherford.org.nz

2020 Tutors: Lara Watson, Robert Petch, Cait Dowden, Grace Watson, Iona Young, Jordan Van Riele