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Student Speak

Soul O’Reilly 

Applying for R&R was hands-down the best thing I ever did for myself.  The community feel of R&R was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. It was like someone had found 200 of my favorite people, rounded them up into one small community, added amazing catering and called it a day. After years of conventional schooling R&R was like a breath of fresh air.

The staff at R&R are incredible: The housekeepers are some of the nicest, most fun people you’ll ever meet. The Principals have your back every step of the way. The property manager always has a joke to brighten your day and Josephine, the hall Mum is never too busy for a chat. They treat you as grownups.

The big question; food. I spent 5 years at boarding school so as you can imagine I was dreading going back into hall catering, to my relief the food was unbeatable. From salmon steaks, chicken and brie pizza to crayfish it never disappointed. I better not say better than Mum’s, but …

If you want an epic year, 200 new friends, some of the best academic and pastoral support available and the food of kings then look no further.

RnR is a great hall if you are looking for a laid back environment which provides many opportunities academically, socially and culturally. The size of RnR gives you the chance to get to know everyone and allows you to feel part of a community.

Tayla Higgs-Macbeth 

My experience at R&R was one of constant support, opportunities and endless memories. The transition into the Hall was seamless, with the comprehensive support from the Residential Tutors being the backbone of student engagement. This unparalleled level of support transformed my experience as it provided guidance and support in all aspects of our lives.

R&R allows students to excel in their respective areas and opens up opportunities that previously were unimaginable. For myself, starting fresh in a new community was daunting. However, the extensive support from the hall allowed me to easily slot into numerous opportunities which would not be possible had I chosen elsewhere.

Specifically, being a member of the student executive, allowed myself and the students to implement activities that the cohort felt passionate about. We had a trip to Hanmer Springs, community volunteering at a retirement home, inter-hall competitions, “wellness week” (a week dedicated to focusing on the mental health of the hall), themed dinners, a Hall Ball and most importantly a yearbook to remember the perfect memories through.

ACADEMIC TUTOR: Since leaving the Hall as a student in 2018, I have returned as an Academic Tutor for Law and Commerce. Being an Academic Tutor has allowed me to continue to engage with first-year students with a fresh and relatable stance. The role extends beyond mere academia, rather, it provides extensive opportunities to create meaningful relationships. An individual approach is taken for each student, catering to their specific needs. The approach may vary from group interactive sessions, practice questions, one-on-one comprehensive support or online consolidation videos. This ensures each student can truly excel in their first year of university.

Joel Epps

Rochester and Rutherford hall is a great environment to meet some awesome, like-minded people. There is a great culture at the hall which really helped me to succeed. The smaller size creates a close community feel which I really enjoyed.

The hall gives you a great support network to help you adjust to university life, whether that is academic help or pastoral support the hall backs you all the way.

From North Canterbury, I had the opportunity to drive into university each day. Going into the halls was a great decision, it’s an awesome environment to meet new people and form lasting friendships.

Ana Pye

Life at Rochester and Rutherford is a thoroughly engaging experience. The hall attracts like-minded people who collectively create an environment full of fun and opportunity. I came from Auckland to study at the University of Canterbury and from day one I felt welcome and connected. During my year living at the hall I took many opportunities to engage in community, cultural and sporting activities. I particularly enjoyed my role on the student executive organizing events to encourage community engagement.

The residential tutors were involved and encouraging and I appreciated the excellent academic support from subject tutors. I have since become a law tutor at the hall and enjoy giving back through sharing in the learning and achievement of current students. 

Caleb Fraser

Rochester and Rutherford Hall is the perfect environment in which student life and student success are valued. The hall offers great studying facilities and tutoring from previous students who have achieved at a high level. This enables students to excel in their respective fields. Student well-being is also of the upmost priority, with tutors who regularly catch up with and genuinely care for the students. Further, R&R recognises that the halls are a place for making new connections and creating unforgettable moments. For that reason, the student voice is prominent in shaping the year. Each year there is a student led executive that has the budget and freedom to organise events including rec room parties, sport competitions, cultural evenings, themed dinners and more. For me, this meant that my time at R&R was unique and completely reflective of what myself and my peers wanted out of our first year at university.

Lara Watson

2017 Resident and 2020 Tutor

The best thing about Rochester and Rutherford Hall was getting to engage with a huge variety of young people from across Aotearoa. As well as making close friendships, I felt that I could go to dinner and strike up a good conversation with anyone I ended up sitting next to.  I was amazed by the many different places we had come from, beliefs we held, goals we were working towards, and yet there remained a huge sense of community and common ground in being together for such a memorable season of life.

As a Christian, I appreciated that spiritual wellbeing was an important part of pastoral care at the hall. I attended the halls’ weekly faith group and found a home at a church in Christchurch along with others from the hall.

The tutors and staff at the hall really championed me as a leader, and I was able to serve as Secretary on the Student Executive organizing things like the hall ball, hall clothing and the yearbook, as well as being sponsored to attend the Aspiring Leaders Forum in Wellington.  

The academic support from academic tutors and fellow students really set me up for the rest of my studies. I felt that I could ask for help not just to pass my courses, but to push myself to succeed at a high level.

The culture of the hall strikes a lovely balance of encouraging independence while offering high quality care, as well as a balance of hard work, good fun and giving back. I came back to the hall this year as a residential tutor because I wanted the privilege of being part of other young peoples ‘best first year’ experience. I’m always amazed by the passion, talents and goals that our students have and love getting to support them as they navigate their first year of university. Of course it was easy coming back to the good food, warm rooms and friendly staff. It’s been lovely to come back to the hall as part of the staff team and getting to be part of all the effort and care that goes into making this place a wonderful place to be.