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Student Speak

Brittney Mackie

Living with 177 other students my age was an unforgettable experience. My year at RnR was the best year thanks to many bbqs, themed nights, new friends, hard work and a lot of fun.

RnR is a great hall if you are looking for a laid back environment which provides many opportunities academically, socially and culturally. The size of RnR gives you the chance to get to know everyone and allows you to feel part of a community.

Emma Porter

Comfy, relaxing, warm rooms, with an easy going and friendly environment with great surroundings to make a great start to university studies and meet the friends that you will keep for a lifetime.

Harriett Hlavac

Attending a halls of residence in first year is essential at university! I was able to easily make a new group of friends with similar interests to me, which made my time more enjoyable and helped settle me in to Christchurch.

I also found Rochester and Rutherford Hall allowed me to focus on learning the ways of university without having to worry about preparing meals or making time to socialise etc.

Most importantly, R & R felt more homely than I expected a hall to feel like. It is the right size – not too overwhelming, however still large enough to meet a range of different people. The rooms are a good size and are kept nice, and the food is to a very high standard.

Simon Trotter – Student 2009

Winner of the Prime Minister’s Scholarship 2010 –

The people I met in the hall have become some of my best friends. The culture and atmosphere in the hall is exciting… someone is always doing something, it’s impossible to get bored.

I think R&R is the perfect size! Small enough that you can get to know everyone, and big enough that nobody can get in your face! The support the Principal and tutors at R&R gave me throughout my year was invaluable. With their assistance and understanding I was able to continue with sport to a high level, as well as stay on top of my university work.

Between late dinners for after training and even rides to the airport, they really showed a genuine interest in my progress.

Megan Coup

Coming from a (very) small town to Christchurch and not knowing anyone in the city, I wanted to move into a hall in which I could meet a large range of people, but still know everyone.

The closest hall to university, Rochester and Rutherford provided me with just that and allowed me to get to know more people and make more friends than I may have if I had gone straight into first year flatting.

Being social rep for More house and therefore involved in the Student Executive meant organising and helping with hall events such as hall parties, themed dinners (Harry Potter theme), hall bus trip, girls cocktail night, Mo-May, quiz nights and the Chinatown themed hall ball.

Despite the added work this involved (including visiting EVERY Chinese supermarket in Christchurch), it was always satisfying when an event was received well by others in the hall. R&R provided great tutoring sessions to help with university work (and if these weren’t of any use there was usually someone amongst the other 178 hall students who could help!)

Choosing to live at R&R during my first year at Canterbury provided me with a safe, friendly environment and has set me up for the future with a greater network of people and life-long friends.

Lucy Strack – Student 2008

I am a competitive rower training two times per day. R&R was able to cater for my nutritional needs. They have a great variety of food to choose from with both meat and vegetarian choices with a great salad bar!

R&R was a great stepping stone from moving out of home into university life. First year uni is so much fun but there is so much going on all the time; class, meeting new people and of course the social life. It makes a huge difference to know you have a prepared meal to come back to.

It made a difference being in a smaller hall because we could talk to the kitchen staff about our dietary requirements and they knew who we were and could adapt things for us.

Sarah McLaughlan

Head Girl, Waikato Diocesan 2008 – Student at Rochester and Rutherford 2009, Tutor at Rochester and Rutherford 2013.

Rochester and Rutherford Hall captures the fun and spirit of student life and guarantees personal growth.

The staff and tutors are always friendly, welcoming and happy to offer guidance and advice through an exciting and sometimes daunting experience of first year University.

Jamie Verran

R and R for me was a great stepping stone between leaving home and surviving flatting in the big wide world. I had an awesome year and I made so many new friends from all over NZ.I enjoyed the many fun social activities that R and R and the University has to offer.

R and R is a really good size hall and there are not too many people that you never get to know everyone but it is big enough that you meet heaps of new personalities. It has an excellent location straight across the road from the University Campus.