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Why R&R?

Simply put R&R is the place to be.  It is the place to grow and mature as you transition from the school environment to independent living.  We don’t treat you like an adult, we treat you as we would any other adult.

Our traditions are based on respect for people and property.  Yes, we can do formal and informal occasions, but through each of these occasions we see them as opportunities to develop and assist you as you grow in independence.

Just like real people we don’t always get things 100% right, (we do a lot of things right though!!) when we don’t get things right we expect to discuss the issue not ignore it, or talk more loudly but be genuine as we engage in meaningful conversations.

The best research you can do about us, is ask your friends, ask people that have lived here, just ask people!  We would rather you were well informed about how we operate as a hall than you taking a gamble that we will look after you and encourage you to be independent learners.