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Rochester & Rutherford Student Executive 2016
Selfie with the Mayor & Student Exec - political selfie!!
The Yardley Study Centre, an ideal place to work either on your own or with others.
Your room is your room! Blue tack helps to keep the pictures in place.
All 178 rooms have been completely refurbished over a 2 year cycle - thanks to our patient students of 2015 for their understanding as we rolled through year 1 of the 2 year programme.
Rochester and Rutherford Hall is able to assist you in running your conference with a range of options. See Conferences for more information.
Where you are from is less important than who you are. We’re here to help you transition from your home to ‘your other home’ – R&R.

Hall News

Term 3 is well underway with inter-hall sports in full swing and everyone getting back into good study habits.  The occasional ski day is also highly anticipated.  For those of you making

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